Christen and Jesse: The Dip & Kiss

Christen & Jesse- there are probably many words & phrases that can describe this couple but the two words I think best describe them are: consummate dippers (and no, I’m not being sarcastic). These two have seriously mastered the tricky and often ill-timed or mis-stepped “dip & kiss” move. As wedding photographers we see this move attempted many times but never so expertly performed as by Christen & Jesse. One fell swoop and there she was all romantic, wispy and draped in his arms and then he honed in with a spot-on kiss. Target acquired! Don’t believe it? Take a look for yourself- we didn’t think just one photo did it justice so we decided a little play-play (for those who couldn’t attend the big day) was more appropriate. Gentlemen, take notes.

He’s good, right?  Now…on to these two characters below. All I have to say is I wish they would’ve loosened up a bit more for the camera but hey sometimes you’ve got to play the hand your dealt. (and yes, that was sarcasm!) It’s people like this that MAKE a wedding reception- thank you nameless fellows for kicking off the photo booth session for the night. You should be professional wedding crashers!

Stay tuned for Christen and Jesse’s digital wedding album, coming soon! And be sure to “like” us on facebook because we’ll be uploading some more previews for you!


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