Lena and Matt

This was the first wedding we have shot without actually meeting the bride and groom in person first.  And to be completely honest, we were a little apprehensive about this because…let’s face it, there’s something a little more reassuring with a face to face meeting, right?   Especially when you’re responsible for documenting one of life’s major milestones!

Turns out any apprehension we had immediately dissipated as soon as we finally met the people on the other end of the phone calls and emails.  If we were only allowed a few words to describe this couple and their lovely family we’d have to pick these: easy-going, good natured and loving.  And they ALL (including guests!) welcomed us with open arms.  Not too shabby for only having just met.

The wedding and reception took place at this quaint little B&B near Bailey, Colorado called Lynwood Park.

You want to know what this place looks like?  Conjure up that memory from when you were a kid, remember what you thought YMCA summer camp looked like? You’ll have a pretty accurate image.  Wooden cabin-like structures, fishing poles lined up at the ready, nestled between large pines in the mountains, right next to the South Platte River.  Gorgeous and very intimate setting.  And perfect for Matt and Lena.

When you photograph weddings there are certain things that sort of become common place- everyone has flowers, a ceremony, there’s toasts from friends and family, food and cake- they all operate on a pretty standard formula.  However, with each wedding there are some things that will always stand out (especially to the photographers, who attend A LOT of weddings).

We wanted to share with you the most poignant thing that stood out to us at their wedding but first some background:  Gonna be real here, from the beginning of working with them we were told Matt really wasn’t into “the whole wedding thing”.  Not that he didn’t want to get married, he just didn’t want all the hoopla associated with the wedding (and really, Matt probably was vocalizing what a majority of grooms are thinking!).  So we knew going in, we wanted to give Matt some space on their special day.

So imagine our surprise, they’re reading their vows and Matt is up.  We were totally expecting something short and sweet but he surprised us with some very meaningful words in which he started tearing up in the middle.  And Lena, takes his hand, then holds his shoulder and as soon as he finishes she plants a big kiss!  That was the first time we have ever seen that during a ceremony and we thought how appropriate it was for people who truly love each other.  And don’t worry they managed to squeeze in their “first official kiss” at the end of the ceremony, after all it is a formula : )

Congratulations to Matt and Lena- no doubt in our minds you were made for each other!


  • Leah Tuter
    Posted at 21:42h, 18 November Reply

    The responsibility of photographically capturing a lifetime of stories in one day is, to say the least, daunting. But, as mother of the bride, that’s exactly the job I handed to Denise and Andrea when I contacted Lollylah Photography. Out of all of the photographers I had researched (I had a notebook full of names) – Denise and Andrea connected with me on both a professional and personal level to the extent that I trusted them completely to portray the story of our daughter’s wedding. Without having to meet beforehand (an expensive and time-consuming prospect as we live so far apart), I simply felt that they knew what their job was and that they could produce the artistic “magic” required. And “magic” is just what they created. Every time I look at the wedding photographs, I smile. They are so beautiful!

    I feel that I cannot say enough positive things about the ease of working with Denise and Andrea or about their work. I so deeply appreciate their talent. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Denise and Andrea. You were worth every penny!

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