Christen and Jesse

Christen and Jesse are two smart cookies- you want to know why? Because they wed on 9/10/11. Before I was married myself, I didn’t realize how significant of a date that was to remember…up until the first time I messed it up. Kudos to you my friends for picking a date that won’t easily be forgotten! That Saturday was just about one of the most beautiful days we had here this summer- the weather was definitely tumultuous all season but not on Sept. 10th- we couldn’t have asked for better weather. The bride and groom decided to pose for formals before the ceremony at Kettner Lake in Arvada, which was also part of Christen’s old stomping grounds as a kid. You know it’s gonna be a great session when there’s some sentiment behind a location. Not to mention we photographers were practically drooling over the golden sunlight that came streaming through the trees, the only thing more stunning was the bride herself. Once the photos were done it was off to the Event Center at Church Ranch for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony- once again we were blessed with sunlight spilling through the lush garden just as Christen and her brother walked down the grassy aisle.

The ceremony was simple and elegant with ahem…one little glitch… I’m not sure who was responsible for this and I’m not here to point fingers…all I know is that when it came time to exchange rings, the rings were…uh…not where they were supposed to be. Off goes the loyal Matron of Honor skipping through grass (with heels on no less) to fetch the rings. And there stands the minister who was left to wax poetic about the magic those little round objects hold! Truth be told the minister did a great job, not to mention the MoH flying leaps and bounds through mushy grass to keep the ceremony going! Once the rings arrived we could, again, get down to serious wedding business- and from now on Christen and Jesse, no one will ever forget your ceremony (which is the ultimate goal, right)?

From there the night on without a hitch and the reception was held in the adjoining facility next to the gardens. Christen and Jesse surprised us all with their first dance- which started off innocently enough and spun into a mix of moves combining the choreographic stylings of Dirty Dancing (no they didn’t do the lift!), MJ’s Thriller video, and a little spanking sprinkled in for good measure. It certainly kicked off the reception right because that dance floor wasn’t empty from that moment on. Towards the end of the reception we set up a photo booth where people could come and write messages to the happy couple or be silly or serious or sweet. It was so fun to watch people’s personalities evolve in front of the lens- a little liquid courage sure didn’t hurt either! All in all I have to say the words that best sum up this wedding for us are: love, warmth, family, fun and friends- I hope after you see our images you feel that way too. Thank you for allowing us to capture your wonderful day. Congrats again to the new Mr. & Mrs. Koerner- we wish you a long and happy life together!
-Andrea & Denise

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