Kirsten + Ryan | Lake Tahoe Wedding

Do they look familiar?

They should because they’ve modeled for us before! The only difference this time around is that they actually really got married in an honest to goodness, real life wedding ceremony.

We were very excited to have the opportunity to go to Lake Tahoe, California where Kirsten was born, to photograph this intimate gathering of friends and family. Their laid back, simple ceremony and adventurous spirit fit perfectly with relaxed atmosphere of the South Shore. And who can beat a wedding reception that involves some of the best BBQ we have ever eaten on the beach?

But for us, the absolute best moment was when we took the couple to Tahoe Keys to do some formals on the same dock where Kirsten was baptized as a baby. How’s that for coming full circle? Love it when a couple reconnects with their past to start creating a new future. And that future includes a honeymoon hiking up to base camp at Mt Everest in Nepal in September. Don’t forget your wide lens Ryan we expect to see pictures when you get back : )

We truly feel honored when people invite us into their lives to document such personal experiences and love the smiles, hugs, and laughter that happens during these times. We remember the stories aunts and uncles tell us, the proud smiles of parents, the happy tears between siblings, it all leaves an imprint on our heart and we are so very grateful you allow us to be a part of it.

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